At Boomerang Properties - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices MI Kalamazoo we offer a unique all-in-one service, not only can we help you to List and sell or find and Buy your property, we also offer a full Renovate and Rejuvenate service, with all work being completed by Licensed contractors.

With our unique all-in-one service we help you:

  • Buy and renovate a property then sell it for a Fix and Flip
  • Buy and Rejuvenate a property making it your dream home before moving in
  • Renovate your property before Listing and Selling it at its best possible market price

People often ask "whats the difference between Rejuvenate and Renovate?", the short answer is:

Rejuvenation is making small lower cost improvements (tweaks as we like to call them) to a property to update its looks, improve its function and flow or simply to replace an old broken/outdated appliance or fixture.

Where as (often) a Renovation involves a lot more construction work and costs more, it is best suited for properties that need remodeling, structural changes and more than just painting or minor tweaks.

Our team consists of Licensed Realtors and Licensed Builders who are experienced in both Residential Properties as well as Commercial Multi-Family properties and we are able to provide you with recommendations and options to help you to make an informed decision.

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